Friday, July 25, 2014

Lecture for 7/25: Oppenheim, Giacometti (Part 1)

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  1. So Oppenheim made this art piece called object that made her famous, but why would this be worth to talk about? It is a new thought as not many artistic probably would have thought to cover these objects in fur. When I did first see this,it does make me think in a different way. Why would you use fur for this sculpture? I would say it is clever to use that medium because most sculptures you see are made of steel or glass, more common used materials. I did think maybe she wasn't involve in animal rights, but I don't think at the time when she made that, that thought had occurred to her. So the fact she chose something not common, I could see why this was worth talking about. I agree Giacometti does sound Italian more then Swiss. I was surprised too. His sculpture of this women getting her throat cut seems disturbing. Why wouldn't he had made human figures being depicted in that meaning instead of figure like crustacean. I really didn't get that message when I saw that piece so for me it wasn't clear what his message was by looking at that sculpture. It is different to display that kind of sculpture not only because it's on the floor but most sculpture usually is able to stand up. Most sculptures are 3D and are in the round. His display isn't because its on the floor and every angle to me looks the same.