Friday, July 25, 2014

Lecture for 7/25: Picasso 1930s (Part 2)

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  1. He does portray this injustice of the war by the way the faces seem so sad, terrified and in pain.I agree looking at this art piece it is the influenced of Cubism. If you look at the shapes of their faces and body how angular they are shows the Cubism affect. So he uses the technique of Cubism to symbolized the destruction. It is possible to use another method to portray this? I feel like realism would portray this better. This does look like a collage. I wonder since this art piece was a message about the war, if this depicted truly how his feelings were and if his audience did gathered his thoughts.Would the lack of color influence how serious this message was or not? The newspaper affect would seem relevant as we read newspapers to find the news around our world, I think that's a clever idea to depict that message. In deciding aesthetic here he portrays four women and animals. I would've liked to see towers falling, massive death, some color to influence how violent this war was, and for him to pinpoint the main focus. Theirs too many things going on this picture that to me, I don't where to look at it. This is a busy piece of artwork. I am surprised that Picasso did this because most his paintings are colorful and vibrant but if he's sending a message in opposing this war then I suppose this was a good artistic judgement to not make this colorful.