Thursday, August 28, 2014

Inspired by Class Lecture on Andy Warhol's, Marilyn Diptych

When we were on the topic of Pop Art in the U.S. I was completely intrigued by Professor Alford's lecture on Andy Warhol's, Marilyn Diptych. Professor Alford mentioned that Warhol completed this piece after Marilyn's suicide to commemorate her place in culture. The discussion lead on to how Marilyn was actually smarter than people perceived her to be. She had beauty and brains, but some people only could see the physical beauty. I began to wonder how Marilyn felt about just being a sex symbol to a lot of people and not appreciated for her smarts. From this discussion and my curiosity, I created this piece for one of my final prints for printmaking. 

Claes Oldenburg's Clothespin

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Blog Information

I have set up this blog to provide a forum for student to make posts for extra credit. The blog will be open only to members of my two Twentieth-Century Art classes. You can post items on the blog such as images, videos, links, etc., or share your own original thoughts. You may comment on something discussed in class, for example. All posts must be accompanied with a brief explanation in your own words (45-word minimum) of what each posted or linked item is about. No explanation is required for posts of original thoughts (it’s assumed that such posts will be more than 45 words). If an original post uses sources for information and/or ideas, these must be cited in footnotes in the Chicago Style. Always use your own wording unless you quote directly (in which case you need to put the wording within quotation marks). Students should link to articles rather than copy and paste entire articles on the blog (to comply with copyright laws). Topics should be related to art done post-1900.

Please Note: You'll be able to post after you respond to my request to add you as an author.

John Alford